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Dear Collectors, Galleries, Fans and Friends:

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of Palette - the quarterly e-newsletter of Coral Canyon Publishing. Our gallery and offices are located in the cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles, and are visited by collectors, gallery owners, fans and friends from all over the world.  

Established in 2003, we house the original paintings, watercolors, pastels and drawings, as well as bronze sculptures by Jane Seymour, along with prints of over one hundred images rendered into limited-edition giclees. Our work extends from the careful preparation of Ms. Seymour's fine art pieces for exhibition, to art publishing; from curating exhibitions, to  working with a variety of institutions, charities, and organizations among various other projects! 

I hope that you will enjoy reading the behind-the-scenes tidbits, and gain insight into our world of fine art and design. We welcome your inquiries relating to The Art of Jane Seymour.  

Best wishes for great vacations and a splendid fall season!

Susan Nagy Luks, Director, Coral Canyon Publishing

Jane Seymour's Websites


If you have not had the opportunity to view and peruse our official website, please do so at You will be able to navigate through and learn about the many facets of Jane ~ art, film, books, family, beauty, and even keep up with her appearance schedule.

Additionally, you may be interested in learning more about Jane's Open Heart philosophy, and sharing your personal story with the community there at 

And don't forget to do a little shopping at or for your Open Hearts jewelry!  

To join and become a part of the Dr. Quinn or Friends of Jane circle  

of fans and friends please visit: 




The Director's Personal Message

Art is my passion.

~ There is no better time to refresh and renew the look of your home than now with a new work of art from the collection of Jane Seymour. Rotate your existing art; build your collection, one picture at a time. 

The art you love and derive so much pleasure from on a day to day basis speaks volumes about you and your good taste!  ~


    "If your heart is open, love will always find its way in...:  

                                      ~ Jane Seymour

~ Summer Highlights ~

May, 2010 - Jane Seymour was filming "Love, Wedding, Marriage" in New Orleans, LA

June 26, 2010 - Art and Collectibles Show at the Forman's Foundation to Find a Cure Gala, Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA

June 29, 2010 - Creative Self-Expression Program 2010 finalists hosted in Malibu, CA

July 16, 2010 - PT5 (Plead the Fifth) Johnny Keach's band plays the Whisky on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

July, 2010 - "Among Angels"  new open hearts book goes to print  

July, 2010 - Jane in Hong Kong, gives speech on Rheumatoid Arthritis

August, 2010 - JS Designs Home Collection launches in Las Vegas

Inaugural Issue



Jane Seymour Websites

Director's Message


 Easy to Connect and Easy to  Order!

We at CCP still believe that

 the "old fashioned way" still works!

  To inquire or place an order please call me at 310-842-7256 during business hours, or send an e-mail to:


We accept Visa, MC and American Express as well as company and personal checks.

We look forward to assisting you!

Warm regards,



Fall Art Show Schedule

Aug. 20-21, 2010: Wentworth Gallery, Riverside Mall and Short Hills Mall, NJ

Sep. 11-12, 2010: 7th Annual Thousand Oaks Arts Festival. Thousand Oaks, CA

Hope to see you at one of our art shows!


List of Products

Original and Limited-edition Art Work by Jane Seymour

Open Hearts Sculpture Collection

Other Bronze Sculptures by Jane Seymour


NEW!  The Art of Jane Seymour Giclee Catalogue

Art to Wear Handbags

Art to Wear Silk Scarves

Paint with Jane Watercolor Kits

Art Note Cards - Limited Availability

Art Posters - Limited Availability


Books Authored by Jane Seymour:

Remarkable Changes - Sold Out

Making Yourself at Home

Two at a Time

Open Hearts

This One and That One - Children's Books - Limited Availability!

Among Angels - Coming Winter 2010 !


Breaking News

The Open Hearts Foundation is now established and accepting donations.


"Waiting For Forever" 

Be on the lookout for this poignant new film by James Keach and Trevor Albert!

You won't want to miss this one. 

It was worth the wait.


Open Heart and Open Heart Angel Christmas Ornaments

Coming this winter!



Susan Nagy Luks, Director

Coral Canyon Publishing

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Telephone: 310-842-7256  *  Telefax: 310-842-7258

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"Paint with Jane Watercolor Kits" only $29.95 

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