Jane Seymour- Among Angels

Publishing date October 2010


There are times in everyone's life when they feel completely alone. Their soul goes to a dark place void of all hope, one from which they fear they may never return. It's at these times that something deep within the human spirit cries out and a divine presence can be felt. Sometimes it's a powerful force that as in the case of St. Paul- literally knocks one to the ground- but more often it is a gentle awakening, a quiet whisper reminding us that "Someone" is listening and if we can just still our minds long enough, we will hear the answer. "Be still and know that I am God" the voice seems to be saying and that reassurance is enough to carry us through the depths of our despair.

In Among Angels, Jane Seymour captures that "moment' when the human soul is touched by the power of the divine. Through poetry, inspirational thoughts and real life stories (her own and that of family and friends), the reader is reminded that the unseen hand of a power greater than our own is often there when we need it most, whether that power manifests itself as a divine being- an angel, or through the quiet support of a friend or caring stranger.

This is not a treatise on angels or a list of "angelic quotes" but a beautifully designed little gem of a book laced with Seymour's own art which gives the book an aesthetic appeal refective of the spiritual nature of the author herself. Colors and fonts blend beautifully with the angelically themed text to give every page a unique quality all it's own. One almost feels as if there were a divine hand in the very creation of the book; as it exudes a sense of hope from the very first page.

Among Angels is a book that is meant to be a gift, whether to oneself or one's own 'angel'. So often we dont' take the time to honor those without whom we would never have made it through those dark moments, Among Angels is a way to thank those special people in our lives
and to be reminded that the message of love can sometimes come from the most unlikely places

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