In My Dreams
by Cameron Straight


Sometimes I drift away to a place called Colorado Springs. I free my mind and
enter another dimension-another world. A long and forgotten realm where
beauty and hope still exsists.

I awaken as a young pioneer, traveling on a train to Colorado Springs. I see the beautiful frontier from a window on the old train. The mountains tell me I have come far, and I am near.

I arrive.

The sun is golden and my spirit is free from all worry. I see the town and I
know that I have come to a better place.

Then I see her, a beautiful girl walking along mainstreet. She glows in the sunlight. She smiles at me and it's brighter than the sun itself. She somehow knows who I am and I have
memories of her.

I find her lost in the woods one day and she kisses me innocently. I dance with her at the sweetheart's dance. I'm in heaven and I don't ever want to leave this moment.

I wake up.