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Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani (Foxtrot) - The former medicine woman was the last performer of the evening. I never knew that Jane was once an aspiring ballerina, and that an injury sidelined her dreams of a dance career. Dancing clearly means a lot to her, which makes me like her even more. Tony and Jane agreed that their strategy would focus on class and grace. Jane pointed out that she was the oldest dancer the show's history, and the cheers from the audience made it clear that she has the mature woman vote. The practice footage highlighted Jane's dedication and tendency to push herself. She's not here just for laughs, unlike some billionaires I know. Jane and Tony danced the Foxtrot to "Let's Do It; Let's Fall in Love," by Cole Porter, which was a lovely choice. You can tell that Jane has a dance background; her moves were light and graceful. The entire performance was very charming, and featured a difficult move where Jane fell into Tony's arms (almost down to the floor). It always seems that actors are better at playing the part that the various dances call for, and Jane was no exception. Bruno thought that the couple's performance was the essence of elegance, and commended Jane's ability to use her hands to express the emotion of the dance. Carrie Ann was glad that Jane didn't look stiff, since many contestants have made that mistake with the Foxtrot. Len enjoyed the mix of steps and holds, and instructed the couple to work on their turns. Score: 24 (8, 8, 8). This was one of my favorite performances of the night, and it likely secured Jane's position in the Week 2 roster.


Dr. Quinn: Dancing woman Sabrina and Mark may have had the highest score, but the all-around best was saved for the end of the night. The lithe and elegant Jane Seymour, who at 56 is the oldest woman to ever compete on the show, joined Tony Dovolani for a beautiful foxtrot. The only possible thing to criticize her for was an unfortunate gown selection. That flouncy getup would have looked better in any other color than shocking hot pink. Jane could practically teach some of the pros about long lines and detailing. At one point Tony dipped her almost parallel with the floor and she smiled into the most graceful movement of the night. To top it off, the pair earned a standing ovation for their efforts. The judges may have given them a 24, tying the Mel/Maks score, but don’t be surprised if viewers rank them the overwhelming winners of the night.

TV Cocktail

When I think of Jane Seymour, I can’t help but envision her flashing her goods at Owen Wilson in one of my favorite comedies, Wedding Crashers. And as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. And as a Bond girl. Jane can now add “elegance personified” to the long list of memorable roles she’s played. Her fox trot with partner Tony Dovolani was fantastic, if not a little bit slow. Dancing to “Let’s Fall in Love,” they floated around like lovers in a cloud. Only time will tell if this British beauty, weighing in as the oldest woman to ever compete on the show, has what it takes to keep up with some of her younger counterparts. I’ll bet you a vile of poison antidote she does.