Jane Seymour and James Keach at the 17th Wine Country Film Festival

Napa Valley Wine Country Film Festival August 2-3, 2003

by Dianne Bennett

I am on cloud nine right now. Yesterday My husband and I had plans to meet up with a few other DQ Times members at the Film Festival in Sonoma. We were to meet up about 3;30 get to sit and visit and then go to dinner and see Jane's movie Touching Wild Horses. Well the traffic on I-80 wasn't so cooperative. Instead of 3:30 we finally got to Napa about 5:45. That was also after I accidentally switched the maps around and went to the theater instead of Pam and Debbie's motel rooms first.

Finally though, Pam Hughes, Debbie Scott, Steve and Susan Baxter, and my husband Kirk and I, all got to the theater together.

When we walked up you could see these really neat cards they were handing out that had Jane's picture and a Salute to
Jane Seymour on them.

We went and checked about our tickets and then hurried to go eat at a restaurant down the street. After rushing the waiter( we paid before we got our food and he got about a $35.00 tip), as we were worried about getting back to the theater on time. We were in such a rush that when the waiter put the steaks down he got them mixed around to where Pam and I both had some of my Rib-eye before they brought her sirlon out. It was pretty funny. We girls hurried back to the theater while the guys were that far behind. We snapped a few quick pictures and then went to the lines that were forming. The people there were really nice and the six of us were all on the list for will call as we ordered our tickets weeks ago. We got to get seated ahead of the people who were buying tickets atthe door.

The show was beautiful I loved it. Jane showed quite a wide range of attitude for her character. One of the people made an announcement  before the film started that Jane was having dinner and would be available for a question and answer session after the show. Then the show started and it was great. Jane's character at the beginning was nothing like Michaela. She was a cold, bitter, unfeeling woman. By then end of the show she had definately grown a heart and was no longer cold, bitter and unloving. After the show The lights at the front came on and I spotted Jane to the far right of us across the isle. A gentleman from the film festival announced Jane and she went to the stage to take questions, she gave really lengthy answers.

I had to ask if she had heard from CBS and if there was going to be a third Dr Quinn Movie. She stated that the feedback and outrage over cancellation has never been so big for any other show and that she has her clothes ( and I think she said some of Joe's) and that anytime CBS is ready that her and Joe would be happy to hop in the saddle again. She also said that CBS finds it more profitable to make shows like survivor instead of shows Like Quinn. Then she said that William Shockley (Hank) wrote a script along the lines of Quinn and that they are waiting to see what happens with it. I hope my pictures come out. Believe me I was clicking away with my camera.

Then the film festival gave Jane a really neat gift and everyone started to leave.

That's when I decided to try to say hi. You see, a week ago I won one of the 5 doctor Bags that Jane used on Dr. Quinn and I wanted to see if Jane would sign it. I went to the front of the theater and when Jane got to done talking the film festival people I approached her with doctor bag in hand. She said "oh you have the bag". I told her "yes". She wanted to know where I got it and I told her that I spend way to much time on Ebay. I asked her if  she would sign it for me and she said "yes". We opened the bag and she tried to figure the best place to sign it. Then she signed it Jane Seymour Dr Quinn. I told her I couldn't wait to put it with my ever growing collection. She asked what other things I had and I told her I also have her saddlebags, the indian dress she wore from the offering, a medicine bottle, A set of Joe's beads, Joe's turtle bag, Larry's breast shield and  one of his necklaces, 5 dr quinn posters, a bunch of crew member gifts such as a yearbook, A music box, A wool blanket, the belt buckle that She and James gave the crew members ( this was a gift from Pam to me), bunches of photos and many other miscellaneous items. She was like "wow, you really do  have a big collection. I gave here two photos of her from Quinn. One was with Jane with Johnny and June Carter-Cash, the other was a great picture of Jane from portraits right after she delivered the Baby.She said that she didn't have either of them and thanked me. Then I got out of the way as others wanted to chat. I then made my way up the other side of the theater to where Ozzie and His wife Marilyn were. I reintroduced myself and Kirk, and then introduced the rest of our group. Ozzie remembered us and we chatted for a few minutes before moving out to the lobby. That is where I got a picture of Jane and I with my bag. Then she signed items for the rest of our group. I had brought a picture of Jane in the beautiful Blue dress  from the Boston episode for Susan Baxter. Susan had a dress very similar to it made for her for when Her and Steve got to the Civil War Ball with their reenactment group. I also showed Jane a picture of Susie in her dress. She seemed really awed by it. She even said that she thinks she still has that dress in her closet.

Jane really gave us a lot of time. I also got to chat  with Ozzie a bit more while James was chatting with Pam. Ozzie and I were  talking about my dad's prop business and the wagons. He then asked Kirk if  he had to sell any more trucks recently. This related to our chat in Sacrament a few months ago when Kirk had told Ozzie he had sold his 68 & 69 Chevy project trucks so I could buy my yearbook. As we went outside Pam and Debbie had stayed behind inside the theater for a moment. I heard James, Jane, and Ozzie turn around and ask where Pam was. We told them inside. They said they were heading down to the bistro and to come down for drinks if we wanted. I told Pam this when they came out and the six of us were there discussing it when James and Ozzie came back down the street again to make sure we all knew which Bistro and to make sure that we had heard them that we were all invited to come down for drinks and chat. After putting the Dr Bag in my car for safe keeping we all headed down the street to the bistro.

They were all in a room towards the back and we went in and sat down for a bit. Everyone was mingling and talking about the movie and just really enjoying the nice atmosphere. Jane told James I have the "real" bag as it was the one she always used in the scenes where she had to put the Dr Bag over the saddlehorn on the saddle. She said the bag she has is a bit smaller. then they asked where we had driven from. I was explaing where Fiddletown is when one of the other gals wit Jane asked if it was near  Calaveras county. I told her yes That Amador and Calaveras County border each other and asked her if she had been to the frog Jump. She said yeas and that's when Jane said "We did that on one of the Quinn episodes." She also mentioned that they sadly lost one of the frogs during that episode. We talked about some of the different episodes and period clothing, the A & E DVD's, and some of Janes current projects and future projects that are in the works. I told them how much fun Old Sacramento is on Labor Day weekend with everyone in period clothes and the town looking like it was during Quinn time. She told us if we ever needed anything about period clothes to call Cheri As she did so much of it for Quinn. They really gave us a lot of time. It was a wonderful evening. I just have tofigure out where to put the Dr Bag now. If anyone else gets a chance to go to the film festivals I really think it is worth the time. I am rally glad I went. The six of us had a great time.

Photos by Dianne Bennett

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