Maggie Mae McQuaid was given April 1st, 2002 as her birth date by the vet because she was a stray. In June of 2002, we had to have our wonderful cat KK (short for Kato Kitty named after the character Bruce Lee played in the Pink Panther movies) down. We'd had KK for about 16 years and sadly it was his time to go.

I never thought about getting another cat because of the heartbreak and sadness at the loss of KK. However, my husband Paul was asked by one of his clients if he wanted a cat they had to get rid of. It seems that these people had their golden retriever stolen and decided that since their dog was missing they could take in a little stray orange cat that had made their wood pile it's new home. However, lo and behold the computer chip put into the retriever's ear
paid off and the dog was returned to them.

The big dog and the little orange kitty didn't get along at all and the client asked Paul if he would take the little orange stray. I hesitated but said we'd try it. I wasn't sure I wanted another animal so soon after KK.

Exactly one month later, July 2002 and much to my surprise, Paul came home
early from work with an animal carrying case behind his back. Half expecting to see an orange cat emerge from the case, I was shocked to see a tiny wee white cat with dark gray bangs slip cautiously out of the case. It wasn't the orange cat I'd expected!! Paul explained that someone else had been given the orange cat but that  this little white one had also made the clients wood pile it's home. I have to say that it was love at first sight! Maggie was so small, so cute and so loving, she fit in right away and curled up on my lap, purring and loving all the attention she was getting. The vet was very surprised at how clean and bug free she was and checked to
see if she had indeed been someone else's pet. With no sign of a collar or computer chip she became Maggie Mae McQuaid, our new little girl.

Several months after getting Maggie, I was out to lunch with my niece. I listened as she told me of the pain she went through with having her collie of many years put down and sympathized with her. But then she told me that her daughter had brought home a new puppy, a stray and how the pain was eased by this new playful bundle of joy. She also told me that she really believed that this new pet was like an angel sent from God to help them through the loss of Cody, their collie. She went on to say that she truly believed all pets are angels on loan from God, sent to help us weather the tough times of life. It really made me think and that night as I looked at our dear, sweet little Maggie, I knew she must have been sent by God to watch over us, comfort us and give us many years of love and joy. She is indeed our very own...... Guardian Angel.

Jean McQuaid (author of 'Our Guardian Angels)

This is Laurel's pride and joy- "Sophie"

Sophie will be two years old in June.

She is so easy to love!


Happy pre birthday Sophie!

On March 27th, 2004  Joanna sadly said goodbye to her dear friend- her shetland pony "Tinker Bell"

Tinkerbell was almost 17 and had contracted laminitis (the same disease that Secretariat had)

She was an important part of Joanna's life and she will miss her dearly.

This is Dodger.  I raised him for Guide Dogs of America to be a Seeing Eye Dog.  But, he had another career in mind ... taking care of me and our three cats.  He (and I) are now pursuing a career with Therapy Dogs International.

Laurel Schuman

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