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Tuesday October 1, 1996

Hayati and I arrived at the set about 8.25 am, filming was out by the school again. We were allowed to watch the filming standing on top of a slope near the train tracks. We were able to see better there, be close to the crew and out of their way. They were filming a scene where the black town folk and our regular townies like Mike, Sully, Grace, Robert E etc. are confronting the mayor, Jake, and some other townspeople. Chuck Bowman was directing this episode. It was Separate But Equal.

Joe wasn't feeling good so he went home early. Jane had been painting all morning, from what we could see of the painting, it looked like a group of flowers. She told the crew it was for some charity or some place that needed it ASAP. I tried to get pix of it but she had her big red winter down jacket in the way of the painting so all I managed was to get a pix of her back and a corner of the painting. She had her back to us most of the morning while she was painting but, sometimes she would look over and smile or wave to the gallery. We knew Jane was watching the fans a lot because we were the only objects behind her, the crew was in front of her. She would look at all the fans, and they would look back at her. Wow! I never saw Jane drink a diet coke before, but she drank one today- and she even ate some baked chips! I have always seen her drink water and eat healthy stuff.

Gil came over to talk to me for a while. We discussed his summer, motorcycles, camping and places to eat. Cynthia Toovey brought Marco from Germany and his family some signed DQ books, photos signed by Chad and Shawn, and a signed pilot script. Later, Marco was allowed to go to wardrobe and dress like a background actor; he was very jazzed!

The cast on hand today was Jane, Orson, Barbara, Jim, Shawn, Henry, Jonelle, Chad and Michelle Bonella (Schoolteacher) We didn't get any good pix of the cast rehearsing today. Some DQ-List friends and some of Hank's Hussies. They had some gifts and cards to give to William for his birthday which had been in September. (17th) Tess was wearing her Hank's Hussey T-shirt, a light purple one. They are nice quality and very pretty. I have a black one, I wanted purple but, they didn't have it in my size. We all visited for a while then filming was moved to Grace's.

At Grace's we couldn't see much of anything being filmed. Jane brought the twins out for a while and they ran around in the cafe. It become really slow going after lunch and we were moved around a lot. We went up and sat at the train station; it was nice and much cooler there. We just visited and had a good time. We really forgot where we were for a while. Tess wanted me to ask William if they could give him his gifts, she is very shy. When William later walked by I said, "William, some people over here would like to give you some gifts, would you be able to come over later when you get a break?" He said, "Cool, I'll come over later, thanks."

Jane was playing with Kris and moving closer to the fence where we are looking at a fan's DQ photos. She had her back to us and we were looking down at the photos. We did not know she was there. She moved over to our right closer to where we were to get a better view of the photos.

Later we were all moved to the Gazette porch. Tess went out to the parking lot. Hayati was at the saloon. William came up to me while I was at the Gazette and said " Who are these people and what do they want to give me?" I said, "They're are a group of women off the Internet who call themselves Hank's Hussies, and they wear T-shirts with a photo of you as Hank on them." He said, " I've heard about these shirts, I'd like to see one." I told him that one of the women was wearing one and that her name was Tess. I said, "They are really shy fans. The women are from all over the country and the world - these Hank's Hussies. They asked me if I would get you to come over and talk with them," He said, "So you are having to do all this stuff because they are shy?" I said, "They have some gifts and cards to give you for your birthday, but they couldn't make it here then so they are here now. He said,"Can you tell them I'll be back later? I have some scenes to do." I told him,"OK, they have gone to get the gifts from the car and will be back."

He came back and I videoed him getting his gifts from the fans, then Hayati took over so I could get pix with my regular 35mm camera. He left and came back twice. In all, the fans got about 30 minutes with him. He was really nice to everyone. I think he sincerely liked his gifts. He even got his own Hank's Hussy shirt and said he would give it to his mom. The group was so happy and he seemed to like all these womens' attention

Jane drove by in the car, she had a twin in her lap. She had the twins wave to us.

Later after filming was done we were sitting in Grace's and William came back to get his gifts. He had left them with us while he filmed scenes. Tess was back down in the parking lot. He signed a photo Hayati had taken of him then went to change, and then came back and told us all goodbye. He gave us each a Hippie Hollow sticker; it is the name of his band. I will put my sticker in one of my Quinn scrapbooks. He thanked all of us, and then he posed for pix with his Hussies. We left about a half-hour after he did; all the crew was gone. We just sat and talked and enjoyed the early evening breeze. We relived our day and their excitement over William. It was beautiful and peaceful in the park, so very quiet.

Everyone was long gone and we had Quinnland to ourselves for a little while- so sweet smelling out you could smell the hay in the breeze and hear the night sounds beginning in the woods just along the mountains near Grace's. Nice. We decided to all go eat at The Hamburger Hamlet and talk about William being so nice! It was a nice day.