Like the rest of you we are often a bit disheartened when we watch the news or pick up the paper.In this section we will pay tribute to the men and women who like Michaela and Sully are each trying in their own way to make the world a better place. We will also share with each other what made this series so special and relive the spirit of Dr. Quinn in all its many forms.

How Dr. Quinn Touched My Life
It's been six years since the cancellation and the love for this incredible series is still strong as the existence and continued growth of this magazine proves. What did Dr. Quinn mean to you? What does it still mean to you? These stories   give testimony to the gift of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

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Jane Seymour Remembers Chris Reeve

There is nothing like the thrill of victory, rooting for the home team, making that winning score. But for 170 million children and adults with intellectual disabilities, winning isn't everything. It's about the fight to excel. Special Olympics is their chance to 'shine'.

"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt"

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Thirty-five tracks, 33 of them chart-topping singles, comprise this set by one of the reigning queens of heartbreak

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Samantha Hargrave, born in the slums of Victorian London, dares to dream of becoming one of the first women doctors -- and surgeons -- in America. Read More

Tribute to Fred Rogers
Dr. Quinn Producer, Creator, Beth Sullivan's tribute written exclusively for the DQ Times

We miss you baba

The Day Paramount Ranch Belonged to Me
What was it like to visit Pranch after the series was cancelled? For one fan, a visit to the set held a whole different kind of magic.
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In honor of the love between our favorite tv couple, we have a very special gift for you, from Irene and Canice.  FOREVER LOVE  (download music video)
(Note, video is quite large and may take a while to download if you are on dialup but it's worth it!) music from this video copyright Reba McEntire

I will love you all my days
(music photo slide show )

Henry the Miracle Cat
It had been months since Henry the cat disappeared but one Halloween night, the Siena's heard a familiar sound    Henry the Miracle Cat

Our Guardian Angels- by Jean McQuaid

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Dr Quinn Medicine Woman embodied a spirit of respect for all living things, especially animals. Wolf, was Sully's loyal companion and guardian angel and a beloved Quinn character in his own right. In this same spirit we would like to pay tribute to our own 'guardian angels' our beloved pets, living and deceased. Truly, the spirit of Dr Quinn can be seen every day in their selfless devotion to all of us.   OUR BELOVED PETS

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Thanks to scientific breakthroughs they no longer face extinction, but researchers agree more needs to be done- Save the Pandas
Wolves continue to be an endangered species but Defenders of Wildlife are working to save them from the greed of human predators. Defending Wolves
A new bill recently passed has put herds of wild horses in danger of slaughter
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