On January 1, 1993 the American viewing public was faced with 2 options- The Sugar Bowl or a pilot for a new television series starring English actress Jane Seymour in the American west. To the surprise of many, including CBS itself, (the network airing the pilot) and the critics who had already nicknamed the series 'frontier hooey' 20 million viewers chose Jane Seymour over football.

The series that followed became a mega hit for CBS and secured a win for the network almost every Saturday night for the next 6 seasons. Each week viewers tuned in by the millions to watch the romance blossom between Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully and to explore the lives of the beloved citizens of Colorado Springs. Fans took the characters and the cast to their hearts and when the series was abruptly cancelled without warning in 1998 by CBS president Les Moonves due to its purported demographic viewer profile (old and female) the Dr. Quinn viewing public reacted in outrage.

Though the series has ended, it lives on in our hearts and will continue to do so as new generations discover it through reruns and the release of the series on DVD thanks to A&E.

Return with us now to when it really WAS America's Night of Television as we take you through the ads, the commercials, the awards and some special treasures we've unearthed as we pay tribute to the series that impacted the lives of millions. Then follow us as we relive the days of the campaign to SAVE DR QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN.

America's Night of Television- The Ads

America's Night of Television- Next on Dr Quinn

America's Night of Television- The Awards

America's Night of Television- Producer's Rating Charts

America's Night of Television- For the first time- The stories you never got to see

America's Night of Television- The Hollywood Reporter salutes Dr. Quinn

America's Night of Television- Pax salutes Dr. Quinn

And now return with us as we take you back to the campaign to