As you might imagine, I was stunned and devastated to realize that winning our time slot every week for 6 years and having a loyal global audience meant nothing. I feel that I'm leaving a family, not just our daily family on the set, but all the millions of people out there who valued "Dr. Quinn" as something they could share with their children, entertainment they could share and values they could share. The alternatives for me have been coming into focus for the past few months and it wasn't so bad being queen of the miniseries as some people branded me before. But the alternatives for our audience are rather limited. The family has to have a voice and a model on television. I'm thinking mostly of all the teenagers, boys as well as girls, who wrote that "Dr. Quinn" made them more hopeful of how they could lead their lives - and of the young couples who wrote that watching the show with their kids was part of their family cohesion. I know that, "Medicine Woman" finally fell victim to its perceived demographics, but I wonder if the pulse-takers and number crunchers are as accurate as they would like us to believe.

It's important to recognize the fact that "Dr. Quinn" fans are a unique bunch. I've never known such love, commitment and loyalty as we've seen from fans around the world. They don't seem to accept the coroner's report on this show. "Dr. Quinn" wasn't just a TV program. It was an appointment... a weekly family television-watching appointment. My mail was remarkably from exactly the demographic they denied we had, kids who wrote that "doing DQ" watching "Dr. Quinn," was part of date night, that they watched it together before going off to the mall.

In a time when TV is showing us real life violence by 15 years old, there has to be programming that demonstrates other ways to deal with their problems. I'm sorry for kids who really want to learn how to make civil choices. I'll endeavor to find a way to keep this kind of alternative programming available. Some of the happiest years of my life were spent playing Dr. Michaela Quinn. It brought incredible happiness to me and others and I shall miss it with all my heart.

- Jane Seymour  (Jane Seymour's message to the fans on learning of the cancellation)

In May of 1998 CBS's brightest 'star' was dimmed when Dr Quinn Medicine woman was cancelled without warning. The outcry that followed could be heard all over the world as millions of devoted viewers voiced their outrage. Members of the Dr. Quinn Internet Discussion list which had been keeping track of the impending fate of the show now jumped into third gear organizing a campaign the like of which had never been seen before. Ads were taken out editorials were written, presskits sent out to television critics and ultimately fans took the campaign to the doorstep of CBS itself with an international rally attended by 100+ fans who picketed in the streets of LA in front of the "EYE". Their efforts did not go in vain. Thanks to the public outcry and with the help of critic's editorials such as Newsday's Marvin Kitman,CBS realizing it's Public relations mistake (nevermind it's programming mistake) aired two Dr. Quinn Television movies- Dr. Quinn: Revolutions, and The Heart Within.

Come with us now as we take you back to the campaign to SAVE DR QUINN

The Ads-

Here is the ad taken out by the Coalition to Save Dr. Quinn in the Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

The Editorials -

The SOS campaign received public support from many sources, especially from tv critics. Marvin Kitman voiced his support in a stinging editorial

Marvin Kittman

CBS's Big Mistake

Fate of Dr Quinn

Jane Seymour Moved to Tears

Fans Threaten Boycott

Pittsburgh Gazette

Some members of the coalition even wrote their 'own' editorials. The following editorials written by members of the Dr Quinn Internet list were published by USA Today and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

USA Today

Pittsburgh Gazette


The Rally-

And finally, the Coalition to Save Dr. Quinn took the campaign to CBS's own doorstep with a protest held in front of CBS offices in LA.  Fans from all over the world joined in this effort to voice their feelings about the cancellation and their support for quality programming.

The Rally