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Back to the saloon after lunch. I was sitting on the bench and Lesa, Jane's makeup lady sat down next to me. Later, Jane came over to get her makeup on and she sat next to Lesa and me. Lesa started applying makeup and we were all talking. There was some lady who sat down next to me and she started asking me questions about the set. Then she asked me "Why do you like this show? Why do you like Jane Seymour? Here is JANE sitting one person away from me and this dingy lady is asking me that! Why did I pick her among all the many stars to like? She liked Jessica Lange, Sally Field and some other actress. I told her that I liked Jane because she had the talent of the old time stars of the golden era of Hollywood, she was glamorous and beautiful. I said that it was rare in this day and age to see that again and that I really loved Dr. Quinn and Jane as Michaela. She asked me how long I had been a fan of Jane's and I told her about my collection and my childhood following of Jane's career. Meanwhile Jane and Lesa are about sitting in our laps trying to hear what we are saying! Jane is usually talkative but this time she was listening to me!

Later Jane's twins came over with their grandfather. Jane said something to a lady about how Kristopher had reddish blond hair. Stacy Sr. said, "What hair?" and everyone laughed.

We were walking through town and we passed Shawn and his mom Cynthia. Cynthia asked me where I got all the professional photos. She said that they never got any from the production office. Shawn signed a cast photo for me and I didn't even have to ask him. He then signed my book as his mom quizzed me on where she could go to buy photos. I asked Shawn how his friend Leslie was doing. She had cancer of the brain. He was excited to tell me that she was doing a little better. He signed Anne's photos and then he was called away to the set.

My folks came back at about 2:30 pm. They stayed about an hour to watch some of the filming. My dad was so bored that he wanted to leave but my mom liked it. Mom thought Joe was so cute and she kept watching him clowning around on the set. She said that she would like to have her picture taken with him but I told her that we couldn't ask while he was filming and working. Then she saw Chad and she wanted me to get pics of him to give to my niece Amber. Then she spotted Jane and said "Get Jane!" Get Jane!" It was so funny! Next, they were going to do filming inside. Gill came up and I introduced him to my folks. He told me that filming on Monday would be great so I will come back then.

We saw Jane as we were leaving. She put her hand up over her eyes to shade them so she could see us better I guess. It is strange about Jane- It's funny how she knows that you are there, who you are- but she doesn't seem to want you to know it.

My dad wanted to leave so I said my good-byes to Tess and Anne and told them I would be back on Monday. They both had to go back to college. It was a fun day and fun to watch security following the German fan who is crazy about Joe.