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What's cooking?


You've heard about the great food on the Quinn set, but did you know that some of our cast were quite good in the kitchen?

Cast Recipes

Georgann Johnson (Mrs. Quinn) shares a wonderful recipeGinger Carrot Soup

Frank's Smoothie

In Dr. Quinn's Time
Remember Horace and Myra's wedding Night? See where the custom of "Shivare" came from

Paramount Ranch

New- Paramount anch Photos

Take a tour of Paramount Ranch. Come with us as we visit Paramount ranch in a special multi media tribute

Where it all began
If you live in the U.S. and are interested in a 'behind the scenes' 'home' video of filming on the set contact us
(Now available in DVD)

If you are interested in Dr. Quinn Scripts contact us

ET Visits the set of Dr. Quinn

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Sean Flynn's Tiger Ride (video)

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Multi Media Tributes
America's Night of Television
Pax Salute to Quinn
Clothes Make the Man (photo slide show)
It's a wrap- Props from the set of Dr. Quinn

We've all heard the story of how the Native Americans shared their bounty with the pilgrims that first Thanksgiving, but how did Indians actually cook their food?
Vision Quest

Ghost Dances
The Poetry Barn
My Guardian Angel
by Jean McQuaid

In My Dreams
by Cameron
The Prairie Dog's Lament
by: Jean McQuaid
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Photo memories from the set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman