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Just Kidding

Wednesday, March 20, 1996

I arrived at the set about 9:20 a.m. My parents dropped me off at the set today. Thomas was in the parking lot and when he saw me he said that Colleen had given him a copy of the photo collage I made for Jane. He said he really wanted it. I met up with Anne and a friend of hers, Therese . We hung out together the rest of the day. Young ranger Dave was on today but he left us alone. They were filming by the saloon, general store, old telegraph office and out in the meadow all day today.

William Shockley came by about 10 a.m. He stopped to sign a photo of Anne's and one for me. He also signed my DQ book, ' New Friends'and said, "That's what we are- new friends." I thought that was nice of him to say. He liked the photo that 1 had taken of him from Tin Star and said, "Looks like the picture says it all." I gave him a 5x7 photo of himself and Joe from Woman of the Year and he said, "Joe was the man!" Then he posed for a photo with Anne and came over to get his pics from me. He was very nice to us and it was nice of him to stop and chat for a few minutes.

Chad, Jane and Charlotte were filming at the clinic but we couldn't see much. Jane drove by and waved to me on her way to the production office. Jana told us that Jane and Joe wouldn't be working the next three days. Larry Sellers came by and we all took some pics of him, then some of Joe in the wagon in front of the clinic Soon the place was swamped with people, as it was Easter vacation and everyone wanted to be on the set.

Chad was excited since he had a new puppy, some kind of white bulldog. Charlotte came by; she seems very shy but nice. Lee came by and asked for photos, so I gave her some of my doubles. We were all sent over to the saloon to watch filming and this turned out to be lucky for us.

Jane was there with Stacy Keach Sr. and he was with some women who had passes. They took pics with Jane's camera or his and the camera wouldn't work. Jane got Jimmy George to take the photo and then they called Joe over to take pics with Stacy Sr. Jane was talking to them about an article in the Star in which she and David were supposed to be fighting over money. Jane was telling them that it was a big hoax and that she was tired of the lies. Then the actor, who played Hazen, the Indian agent came over to talk with Jane.

I was sitting on a bench with my photos and Jane kept looking over my way to see them. She came over and asked me if I had taken the photo. She said, "Did you take this?" I said, "No, I wish I had. It was a professional one." She asked, "Where did you get it?" I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if she liked it or just wanted to know where I got it and who was selling them to the fans. I said, "I bought it in Hollywood in a shop." It was the wedding pic of her looking upward and holding flowers. She signed it and then she signed the one of her and Joe from the wedding, where they are standing out in the meadow. She seemed to like the pictures and she acted like it was the first time she had seen them. She saw that Anne had a photo, so she asked if she had one to be signed too. Then she handed me back my pen. I thanked her then she went back over to talk to some other groups of people.

I passed by where Jane was standing and went over to Joe. He was talking to a bunch of crew members on the porch. He had waved me over. Stacy Sr. was really making over him. Joe signed my wedding photo of him and Jane then he signed the one of him standing in front of the church with his Indian wedding shirt on. He said, "Oh, this is the wedding photo. I look really out of it. I'm looking off some place like I'm really whacked out" We both laughed then and I gave him a yellow envelope of pics of his puppy that I had during Woman of the Year. He said, "Pictures of Billie. Thanks" And he meant it.

I walked again past Jane and her group of guests. She watched me walk by, then she looked over at Joe. Funny! Then Larry Sellers came up to Anne. She took his pic and I was teasing him about his muscles, as he had his shirt off. He told the fans that he was trying to get a tan. Everyone was laughing. He signed my DQ book and drew a picture of an Indian on it. He said that he was on his way to his hotel to get himself a shower and then he would be back later. He had his coffee cup in hand as usual and sunglasses on. I think this episode is called Last Chance.

Jane, Joe and Shawn were filming scenes in front of the clinic so we tried to get some good pics. Some flies were bugging Jane so she started laughing and they had to stop filming until they sprayed around. Her lines were to Hazen. She said that Cloud Dancing's case was serious, that he was in serious trouble. Then she said, "I'm in serious trouble with these flies!" She starts laughing. The next scene filmed is Joe racing up to the clinic in a wagon with Cloud Dancing in the back, injured. Joe is supposed to say, "Help me, help me somebody!" Then Jane comes out of the clinic and says, "What's wrong?" Joe says, "It's Cloud Dancing. He's been stabbed and I can't stop the bleedin" Instead, Joe can't remember his lines so as he jumps off the wagon he says, "I can't stop. I can't stop the cameraman!" Everyone starts laughing. Every time he raced the wagon down the street and turned the corner, the wagon would fishtail. They were worried that Joe would tip it over.

Later, William walks by on his way to lunch. He sees us sitting at the train station and he comes over. He wanted to tell us his news that he has found out that California was not on the fall line up for next season. He said, "Write in and tell them you want to see it shown." We told him that we already had, as Tess is a huge Shockley fan. He thought that was neat.

The woman from Germany who stalked Joe was here today, so Thomas and other crew members were watching her. Thomas came up to me and pretended to ask to see my pics (as a cover) so that he could watch her closer.