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Many people have asked about the availability of prior issues of the DQ Times now that the final issue has been released. As these issues are printed on custom paper and done on a printing press and are not laser copies, there needs to be a sufficient interest in an individual issue in order to satisfy the printer's requirements. There must be a minimum order of 25 per issue in order to offer reprints. For those of you who have asked about prior issues, filling out the order form below will help us determine which issues can be made available based on amount of interest. The form below is not an order form and does not require payment. At present we will simply take your contact information and issue preferences. Once an order for 25 of a particular issue has been satisfied we will notify you. At that time payment will be requested. Prices per issue are as follows:

USA- $25 Canada $28 Europe $33 (this price includes postage)

Click here to view images of each issue and that issue's contents (main interview/ articles)

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