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DQ TIMES Tenth Anniversary Reunion  2002
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The DQ Times Hosted 10 year Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman cast reunion weekend was held in April 2002 in the Los Angeles area in Southern California. 150 DQ cast and DQ Times members attended a semi formal dinner party in Malibu Ca., it was a fun evening filled with good food, visiting and speeches from the majority of the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman cast.

The DQ Times staff hosted several events that weekend for our members from around the world to enjoy. There was a membership welcome beach party held in Malibu , Ca. Members gathered together to meet and visit on the beautiful beach. There were also two tours offered by The DQ Times, one tour led members through the Paramount Ranch where DQ was filmed, many stories about filming were shared with our members. Then it was off to Malibu Creek Park where another tour was offered to our members. This tour led members to the action places used for Dr. Quinn, where many of the stunts on the show were filmed away from the Paramount Ranch set.

The big evening where members were able to mingle and visit with the Dr. Quinncast was held in Malibu , Ca. What a magical night for all who attended.This party was for the 10 year anniversary since Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman went into production, and many cast members hadn't seen everyone since the series went off the air. It was a special time for all who attended, a wonderful eveing of great memories.

Those cast members and production staff who attended the 10 year reunion were Beth Sullivan , Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Jim Knobeloch,Orson Bean, Henry G. Sanders,Jonelle Allen, Chad Allen, Shawn Toovey,Helene Udy, Frank Collison, Brandon Douglas, William Shockley, Jennifer Youngs, Alex Meneses, Alley Mills, Megan, Lexi and McKenzie Calabrese, John Liberti, Chuck Bowman, James Keach, William Olvis, Kathyrn Ford, Jeanne Davis, Cheri Ingle, Kelly Kline, Lesa Nielsen, Brienne Glytov, and Eve Brenner.

The DQ Times Hosted 10 year Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman cast reunion weekend closed with a high tea being held for our members at the Famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood , Ca. This is where all the many members from around the world came to visit one last time to say their goodbyes. It was a terrific time for all who attended, to meet new friends and old ones again. To share new memories and old, to enjoy each other's company and remember Dr. Quinn together

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DQ Times Dr Quinn 12th Anniversary Reunion

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