Clicking on the links on the train track (the graphic) at the top of the homepage and each main page and cast page will take you to most of the main features on our website. Since the website is quite extensive though and we don't want to have to send Horace, Hank and Jake out after you, we've provided a little assistance to help you get to your destination safely, as well as to help you decide what that desination may be. If you're still foundering- drop us a note and we'll give you a personal tour!

New Additions
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Next to the individual cast pages, this is the section you will want to visit first. You will find the link to this section on the homepage on the right hand side. Here is where you will find any updates to the site- new articles, features etc. We feel that a website that is rarely updated is one that is also rarely visited so we DO update often. We try to add something new every few days so check back frequently. If we have any important announcements or something special we want to let you know about regarding any cast member- you will see it here first.

Latest News
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This link is located on the main homepage next to New Additions. Here is where you'll find a brief synopsis of all the latest cast news. (You'll want to visit that cast member's own page for details.)
If a cast member is featured in an upcoming movie, tv appearance, gets a new series etc. we will alert you here. You'll also find any news related to the series itself such as DVD releases and if CBS is reading their mail- news of any Dr. Quinn movie that might be in the works. We live in hopes!


If you're wondering just who or what The DQ Times is, this is where you'll find the answer. This section contains a brief history of the DQ Times magazine, how it was founded and by whom and what it's purpose was before it morphed into the Dr. Quinn Times website.

Although the magazine published its last issue in the Spring of 2005, past issues are now available. If you are interested in purchasing any of the DQ Times issues, you will find a form to fill out on this page where you can specify your preferences as well as a link to a page that gives a thumbnail sketch of every issue published.


Have a question about the show, the magazine, the actors or the website? You've found the right place. We love questions and comments about the site. Maybe there is something you'd like to see on the site- let us know. We determine the content largely from visitor feedback. If you have something you'd like to contribute- an article, photo, or you've met a cast member at one of their 'event's and would like to share that account with others drop us a note. If you are having a problem with any multimedia feature or broken link, we hope you will tell us so we can resolve the issue. We hate broken links as much as you do but we can't fix it if we don't know about it.


Want to see what you missed? Here you will find a thumbnail sketch including highlights from the table of contents for each of our past 8 DQ Times issues. See one you'd like to order? Head over to JOIN US and fill out the form.

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Want a glimpse into the history of the show? Here is where you'll find unique multimedia features from a special tribute to Paramount Ranch (where the series was filmed in Agoura CA) to a history of the fan campaign to "Save Dr. Quinn, as well as behind the scenes accounts of series filming, and many miscellaneous 'Quinn moments'. There is also a link here to join the Dr. Quinn Internet Discussion list (an online worldwide message forum for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman fans) as well as an extensive photo gallery called Smile Partner featuring various fans with cast members taken during filming of the series.

Spirit of Quinn
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The spirit of Dr. Quinn was embodied in its message of tolerance and trying to make a difference. From the lead characters, Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully to the people in our daily lives, this page is dedicated to those who 'live' the spirit of the series. Here you will find inspirational accounts of known celebrities such as Christopher Reeve and Johnny Cash as well as those who are heroes in their own backyards. This section features multimedia tributes to the series main characters Mike and Sully as well as a section for beloved pets to honor Dr. Quinn's message of respect for all living things. If you have a pet you love, we will be happy to feature your story here. Also located here is a section where we've posted fan's personal accounts of how Dr. Quinn touched their lives. We'd love to hear yours!

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The DQ Times has sponsored 2 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman cast / fan reunion events to date. The first was in 2002, the second in 2004. Both events were held in Califorinia and were attended by fans from all over the world and the majority of the Dr. Quinn cast. In this section you will find personal accounts of both those reunions including a musical slide show and extensive photo galleries.

Here is where you'll probably spend most of your time. If you are familiar with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman you probably already have a favorite cast member, if not, use the jump-to feature to explore all the individual cast pages. Don't know the actor's name, just their character on the show? No problem, the jump-to menu on the right hand side will let you choose by character name instead.

Each individual cast page is slightly different, as unique as the actor who portrayed them. Here you will find that cast member's latest news, photogallery, biography and in most cases filmography. If a cast member has recently made a tv appearance and we were able to record it, we'll feature it on their cast page or you may find a rare video interview, article or tribute to one of their movies. On some pages you will find personal messages from the cast. Helene Udy, posts personal journal entries to her page to update the fans on her latest projects, the Calabrese family often sends personal messages as does Jen Youngs. There is also a jump-to section of the menu for some cast alumnai. Check out the alumni pages of Dr. Quinn creator Producer Beth Sullivan, Dr. Quinn director (and Jane Seymour's husband) James Keach as well as Dr. Quinn director, Chuck Bowman. More pages will be added from time to time to this section.

(note: We are in the process of converting the rest of the cast pages to the new layout. This is why some look so different from others, they have not yet been converted. )


This is one of the larger sections on the website due to all the many aspects of Jane Seymour's career ( in fact we are currently in the process of expanding it even further. ) and is updated continuously. You can also access this page directly from the banner on the main homepage of the website. On Jane's main page you will find the latest "Jane' news and Jane's next upcoming appearance. A link is also provided to a full appearance schedule. Want to know if Jane will be coming to your town? Check her appearance schedule. The schedule is based on information given to us by Jane's publicist and art Director as well as other reliable sources. It's updated continuously, though we caution that anything can change at the last minute so always call ahead to confirm if you plan to attend an event.

Further down on the page you will find the most recent news articles and featured magazine articles for the month. The links to more latest news and more magazine articles will take you to any articles you may have missed. We update these articles frequently, so you will want to check Jane's page often to see what's new.

On the left hand side navigation menu, you will find links (graphic and text) to all Jane's creative projects, her design collection, her art, (including full art gallery feature), her books as well links to a photo gallery and recent biography.

Also on the left side navigation panel you will find:

On the Road with Jane-

Jane makes so many personal appearances we can't possible keep up with them all but in this section you will find first hand accounts (often from the webmaster) of Jane's appearances at art shows, book signings etc. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Jane's events and wish to share it with other fans, here is where we would feature it.

Screening Room

Here is where you will find video clips of many of Jane's television and movie appearances. Missed a recent tv interview? Check here, we probably have it. You will also find some special movie tributes. Whenever Jane does a television appearance, once it's been featured on the main page, it eventually ends up in this section.

Michaela Quinn

You'll find some fun features here, like an entry from Mike's journal, a music video of Mike and Sully set to "REO Speedwagon's Can't fight this feeling anymore" as well as a photo scrapbook, Dr. Mike's beauty remedies, and a peek inside Mike's clinic to view some of her treasures.

Message Board
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We have just opened a brand new message forum where you can connect with other fans to discuss anything and everything to do with the show, it's actors or the magazine. Check out all the topics and try your luck at Heart's circus - see if you can answer the trivia questions. Pull up a seat and stay a while. It's a great place to meet new friends.

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Introduce yourself, tell us what you would like to see featured on the site and who your favorite cast members are. We check this page frequently and welcome your comments and suggestions.


Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman encompasses a world wide community of fans. On this page we've provided links to some of the cast 'official sites' as well as links to some of our favorite miscellaneous Quinn sites including links to some wonderful fan fiction sites. Feel free to contact us with info about your own Quinn website and we'll advertise it here.