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Would you like to know what the characters were really thinking in some of your favorite Dr. Quinn scenes? If you are interested in purchasing Dr. Quinn Scripts for some of your favorite episodes contact us

A&E and New Video to release complete Dr. Quinn DVD collecton

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Behind The Scenes of Dr. Quinn- Home Video Offer
If you are interested in a behind scenes 'home video' shot during the Dr. Quinn series filming of the first movie' Revolutions' contact us. This is an amateur video approximately 1- 1 1/2 hrs long and was made during the filming of "Revolutions" (Dr. Quinn the movie) It includes rehearsals (including the cafe scene between Mike and Sully ) and miscellaneous footage shot during filming with full knowledge of the cast including some footage of the cast posing with fans as well as a short video tour of some of the main sets- the clinic,telegraph, mercantile and jail. If you were not able to visit the set of Dr. Quinn during the series filming, here is your chance to see what it was like. Offer good in US only.

8/25- Video Poll- pick your favorite Love scene! Of course you'll have to wade through all those love scenes to do it but then SOMEONE has to do it right?

Help Jane pick her new co-star- Watch the clips then vote in the Jane Seymour video poll - choose Jane's new costar




February 22- Jane Seymour talks about her near death experience on the Biography Channel - See Latest Videos on Jane's Cast Page