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Jane Seymour Presents Art Work at Ocean Galleries

The exquisitely talented actress and artist, Jane Seymour, visits Ocean Galleries (9618 Third Avenue, Stone Harbor, NJ/609-368-7777) for a Memorial Day exhibition, bringing an extraordinary collection of her latest oil paintings and watercolors. "Jane Seymour: Up Close and Personal" opens Friday, May 15, 2015 and runs through Monday, May 25, 2015, with all artwork on display available for acquisition.

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Open Hearts Family

What is that inexplicable bond that connects the universe? What are FAMILIES?

Inspired by Jane Seymour’s "Healing Hearts” paintings and the actress’s trademarked Open Hearts Family jewelry collection, this book celebrates both the families we were born to and the families that we make for ourselves among friends and all who touch our lives. The Open Hearts design reflects life’s joys, heartaches, and inspirations. Moving quotes, poems, real-life stories submitted by fans to the Open Hearts blog and Jane’s equally inspirational artwork come together in this book that reminds us that if we keep our hearts open love will always find its way in.

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Jane and James discuss their upcoming documentary on Glen Campbell and Alzheimers and how you can live with an open heart.
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Open Heart's Recipient, Susan Rizzo Vincent publishes her own story - Dréa's Dream: An Unfinished Dance-
Read Jane Seymour's Foreword


Saige Paints the Sky Starring Jane Seymour

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Jane Seymour Talks About Living with an Open Heart and being a "grandma"


Jane discusses Among Angels on Fox news

Jane talks to Guideposts about, Among Angels, Dr Quinn and her own beliefs

"Among Angels celebrates the human angels -- all around us -- who inspire us by bringing us peace and tranquility, innocence and joy, hope and love. Like the prequel, Open Hearts, this book will include a personal foreword and art by Jane Seymour, quotes from literature, spiritual texts, and personal stories that honor the importance of the angels among us."

Patricia Raskin interviews Jane Seymour

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Come sail with Jane and renew your Body your Mind and your Spirit!

Meet Kim Campbell and share her amazing story

With inspiration in mind, I am pleased to have an amazing woman join us, as I have invited Kim Campbell to share her heroic journey as a caregiver to Glen Campbell, and her advocacy for Alzheimer's. We have many treats in store for our private journey together.

Join me as I share my personal journey, the creation of the open hearts philosophy inspired by my mother, and my ever-changing career - past and present. So much to do in seven days!

Learn about the Open Hearts Philosophy and how the movement began.

Join me as I share my personal journey, the creation of the open hearts philosophy inspired by my mother, and my ever-changing career - past and present. So much to do in seven days!

From beauty secrets, to art lessons to behind the scenes stories, come spend a week with Jane Seymour

Additionally, I will share my industry secrets for beauty, fitness and nutrition. Let's watch movies together as I give you the inside story of what really went on behind the scenes, while we paint the sunsets and nourish our bodies with an amazing array of cuisines! Bring those walking shoes!

It will be an amazing adventure with non-stop entertainment, parties and twelve plus hours of actual hands-on learning skills that will enhance your own journey and empower an Open Heart, Open Mind way of living! Please come and join me as we unite to make this historic Open Hearts voyage a universal symbol of giving and receiving love


View full itinerary and details here



View Jane Seymour's New
Open Hearts Commercial

Jane introduces the "Wave"

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The movie introduces nine-year-old Saige, a talented artist with a passion for horses, in this modern-day story about finding one’s voice. Saige is excited about the new school year until she discovers that art—her favorite class—has been cut. On top of that, her best friend, Tessa, is spending more and more time with another girl. For support, Saige turns to her grandma Mimi (Seymour) , a well-known artist and horsewoman, who inspires her to take action. Can Saige find the courage to lead the fund-raising effort to start an after-school art program and save her friendship with Tessa? Heartwarming, empowering, and fun, it’s a movie for every girl who has ever dreamed big.

View an interview with Jane Seymour her role as Mimi, being a new grandmother and her desire for another Dr. Quinn movie.

Coral Canyon's new E newsletter

Coral Canyon Publishing which represents Jane Seymour's art, has published the first issue of it's quarterly e- newsletter. "Palette" designed by Coral Canyon director Susan Luks, is full of news updates on all of Jane's products her upcoming personal appearances, as well as ongoing activities in her art and other creative and philanthropic venues. To subscribe to "Palette:" send your name and email address with the subject " Subscribe" to PALETTE. Check out the first issue here

Open Hearts Foundation

Not content to just share her "open heart"philosophy though her art, Jane Seymour wants to share her love with the children of the world through your help. Please visit her new "Open Hearts Foundation" and find out how you can share your own blessings with those less fortunate.

Visit Jane's new site-Keepanopenheart.com
Share with others about what
it means to live with an open heart

Jane Seymour Open Hearts Collection
Open Hearts by Jane Seymour, Jane's new jewelry collection based on her open heart design is now available through Kay Jewelers exclusively.


Meeting Jane

What happens when you finally meet the person you most admire?
Marita meets Jane Seymour
Marissa meets Jane Seymour



Pictures from the set of Perfectly Prudence!
Jane Seymour and Joe Lando Reunited in Perfectly Prudence on the Hallmark Channel recently
Want to see more? Tell Hallmark

Check out our Perfectly Prudence mini site


Also read a DQ Times exclusive interview with Susan Rizzo Vincent founder of Dréa's Dream who Jane reached out to during her time on Dancing with the Stars

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Jane Seymour stars with Chelsea Kane and Tom Wompat and Drew Seeley in

Lovestruck The Musical on ABC Family April 21st

Jane Seymour stars as Harper, a former Broadway star, intent on derailing her daughter Mirabella's (Sara Paxton) wedding. After drinking from a bottle of liquid meant to dull the pain of an injury, she turns 30 years younger (wherein she's played by Chelsea Kane ). Her plan is thrown for a loop when her ex-husband Ryan (Tom Wopat) arrives, recognizing his ex. Of course, he drinks from the bottle, too (wherein he's played by Drew Seeley). Harper begins to second guess the damage she's done and sets out to fix it -- but is it too late?