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Jane Seymour's prescription for good health
In Touch Magazine - Opening Jane Seymour's Eyes
At 44 Jane Seymour learned she was pregnant
Jane Seymour wasn't prepared for an invasion of her personal life, when she became Dr. Quinn.

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David Flynn tells his side of the breakup of his marriage to Jane Seymour
On the set of Dr. Quinn, Jane Seymour gets engaged to James Keach
On her 40th birthday, noone had a clue that Jane Seymour's marriage was about to end
Jane talks about her divorce from David Flynn
Smallville Magazine interviews Jane about the inegmatic Genevieve
54-year-old former Bond beauty Jane Seymour has pulled off a daring comeback.
Why Jane is grateful to be alive
Jane Seymour talks frankly about getting older and her career renaissance
An English Christmas

Jane's Cranberry Relish Recipe
On having twins, and making a come-back at 54
Jane Seymour shares her secret to staying young
At home with Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour on Raising Healthy Kids From the Heart
Travel Girl talks to Jane Seymour about shattered dreams and her life today
"My home is where my children and family are. It is full of people and life.Read More
Jane Seymour's love of horses continues..

From People we know, horses they love.
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Jane Seymour continues her Life story with Hello Magazine
"Actually, I get very nervous when my children are acting, so I leave the set."

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On the set of Dr. Quinn- Target interviews Jane Seymour
( 1997)
Jane Seymour at 80? Would she still want to act?
Jane answers in this rare interview
Natural Beauty and Health
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Ladies Home Journal
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Healthy Living
How Jane Seymour maintains her sunny spirit and quiet beauty despite life's ups and downs.
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Coastal Living
Before she played Elise McKenna in Somewhere In Time or Dr. Michaela Quinn in "Dr. Quinn: ...Read More

Did you know that a fortuneteller once predicted Jane would have twins?
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Jane renews her wedding vows in Polynesia

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Sunday Express
How many hours of makeup did it take to make Jane Seymour resemble Wallace Simpson

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Did you know Jane Seymour owes some of her fame to a switchboard operator? Read More
(translated from a French article)
Jane's Nightmare
Relive the wedding of Jane and James
Relive the wedding of Jane and James
Jane and James: Why I love my Study
Jane Seymour's own story written by Jane herself
Jane's own story as told to Hello Magazine
Jane Seymour and Joe Lando: On Location

Talking With Jane Seymour

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