Our hearts go out to Jane Seymour at the passing of her mother Mieke Frankenberg. Jane has decided to continue her participation on Dancing with the Stars in her mother's honor and her fans are thrilled. She has brought something very special to this season of Dancing with the Stars and with her spirit and the fan support should continue to grace the show for some time to come. Of her beloved mother, Mieke, Jane had this to say

""She was ageless and had the spirit of a lively, effervescent, enthusiastic 21-year-old and only her body let her down,

"She had been through it all, seen horrors up close and chose to see the light and love of God and mankind in every aspect of life,"

Jane and Tony's first dance was a huge success. Jane floated across the dance floor in the arms of one of the world's best dancers looking like a young girl at her first prom .( The couple earned 8s across the board for a very solid 24)

.- Newest ABC "Batchelor" agrees

"And if TV's new bachelor Brad Womack could have handed out a rose: "Oh, you know what? Right now, Miss Jane Seymour, still. I mean, who can deny her beauty and her grace and elegance? So, yeah, oh God, she's breathtaking!" said Womack.

A fan wrote this very special poem for Jane in honor of her participation in Dancing With the Stars- we'd like to share it with you here.

Jane Follows her Dream

News Alert from Jane 9/19/07

" Tony and I are going to be guests on the Ellen DeGeneres show!! We tape it Thursday and it airs on Monday. Please tune in and watch us chat with Ellen! And if you're lucky, you'll see a snippet of our Foxtrot.

Jane's Latest Blog

s week 5 and Tony has diligently been trying to teach me the Rumba and I've devotedly been trying to learn it! The Rumba is all about passion and heat, it's a very sexy dance, but let me tell you, it's not as easy as it looks. I thought the Rumba would be simpler to learn as it's slower and the movements are more dramatic. I was mistaken. Although I have to admit, the Kitty Cat in me is really liking this dance. What a strange past week at Dancing with the Stars. I'm sad to see Floyd not in the competition any longer. He's a wonderful gentleman and I'm going to miss him backstage. As for Melanie being in the bottom two, I don't even know what to say to that. I was so shocked! I know that some of you have sent along some questions for me to answer and I wanted to thank you for your patience and let you know that I'll be posting the answers soon! Remember to tune in on Monday to see our Rumba and don't forget to vote!!!

Jane's First blog- I'm on dancing with the Stars

Mark Your Calendar!

How to Vote

First, the key is to vote EARLY. The show airs at 8 PM eastern time on ABC on Mondays. At a few minutes after 8 or a few minutes after the show begins in your area, pick up the phone and dial this number 1-800-868-3406- You will hear a computer recording saying ' Thanks for voting for Jane and Tony" You will hear this each time you dial until you've used up your votes. This week you will have 8 votes one for each contestant left. After you've pressed redial 8 times, go to your cell phone and do the same thing. Then get everyone in your house with a cell and get THEM to do the same or do it FOR them! After this, you go to EMAIL. To vote online you need to register at abc.com. When you get to the ABC.com website you will see a section on the front page for Dancing with the Stars. At the BOTTOM of the page in tiny letters you will see REGISTER. - So register then click back on the main page under VOTE NOW. Now, once you've registered on the site you can use ALL your email addresses. Here's how. When you vote you will see all the dancer's pics on the page. All you do is click on Jane's pic and then click vote for Jane and Tony. Do this 8 times. It will then say LOG IN AGAIN? Do this and log in under another email address you own. You can do this for as many email addresses as you own without reregistering each time. Once you're registered yourself ONCE then you can vote under each email address. You can get everyone in your house to do the same. If you have AT&T you can text vote. Below you will find a link that explains exactly how to do that http://www.wireless.att.com/source/entertainment/dwts/ So let's say you have 1 main phone, 3 cell phones in the house and between everyone you have about 20 email addresses- you can see how this can add up. The stars who have the fans willing to put this little bit of extra work into it will remain in the competition. Are you willing to put in that little bit of work?

Read Joe Lando's comments on what goes on behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars- What did he think of Jane's performance?

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