Jane Follows Her Dream - By Jean McQuaid

Shadows and illusions of what might have been

One should never be afraid to follow their dream

If there is no venture there will be no gain
And hidden deep inside that dream will remain

But this is your chance Jane, for that dream to come true For you’ve seized the opportunity, now it’s all up to you

After a lifetime of wishing that was locked deep inside
The time has now come for your magical ride

Let your heart be your guide down the road near or far And be proud that you reached for that ultimate star

Dance with the stars Jane, dance into the night
Let your worries dissolve, let your feet take flight

Up to the heavens and beyond you will fly
For you’ll never know satisfactionJane S if you don’t ever try

Let your passion and conviction show you the way It’s your time to shine, this is your special day

Allow it to envelope you as you give it your all
For pride and fulfillment will not let you fall

You inspire those around you, give hope to the meek
As they set out to achieve the dream that they seek

This experience alone will be worth any displeasure
For when it’s over and done you’ll receive life’s greatest treasure

Just knowing that you lived a dream that seemed far away

Will remain a sweet memory of a great yesterday

And when life makes you feel like it has it’s own scheme Just remember you had the courage to follow your dream