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Dancing with Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour says she will be followed by a "Dancing With The Stars" camera throughout her otherwise busy career during her stand in "Dancing."

"They will send Tony (Dovolani, her professional partner) and the camera crew wherever and whenever I am" -- in her already-committed speaking engagements -- like one on "The Power of Celebrity" -- in terms of charity.

"Tony goes with me and we rehearse every day -- until I collapse on the floor," she laughed. But she has postponed a Paris-locationed film until next year. Now, only a week into rehearsals she admits, "It's 10,000 times harder than you can imagine. I couldn't get enough epsom salts into the jacuzzi for my knees!" She said she has a "bad back and bad knees -- but they tell me if you dance correctly you won't have any problems!"

Meanwhile, she recalls, "When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a ballerina -- but when I was 16 I had a knee injury and that was the end of my dancing career. Now, 40 years later and I'm back doing it!"

She may have been influenced by her friend Leeza Gibbons during her "Dancing With The Stars" life -- "She told me what amazing shape it got her into!"

Jane says "Dancing With The Stars" in England had been her mother's favorite show. But last December she suffered a stroke and cannot move or talk. "And she hadn't spoken a word in a long time. When I decided to do the show, I phoned her, my sister put the phone to her ear and I told her my decision. She exclaimed 'Yes!'-- the only word she'd spoken and she's now even showing some other signs of recovery. Stay tuned for more Dancing With Jane Seymour.

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