Partial Transcript of Interview from Larry King Live with Jane Seymour, Marie Osmond and Jenny Garth

And up next, we go from playing footsie, as Mark Geragos puts it, to fancy footwork. Meet some of the new stars of "Dancing with the Stars," next.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!": So I got some bad news today. For the fifth time in a row I was not selected to compete on "Dancing with the Stars."


KIMMEL: They told me I could be on "Fat March."




KING: Welcome back. Primetime's best-kept secret is not a secret anymore. Today ABC has released its list of high-stepping competitors for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars." Three of them join us tonight here in Los Angeles. Jane Seymour, the actress best known for her role in "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman." Jennie Garth, the former star of "Beverly Hills: 90210," and ABC's "What I Like about You" and a multitude of other television shows.

And in Provo, Utah, where she is winding up her -- recording her new Christmas album, is Marie Osmond, member of the legendary Osmond family, TV variety and talk show host, co-founder of the Children's Miracle Network, with a line of collector's dolls which she sells online in QVC. And she is in her own recording studio there in Provo.

Before we start with anything else, Jane, I know you worked with Owen Wilson in the wedding movie which was hysterical, by the way. Let's take a look at a clip of that and then ask you one quick question about it. Watch.


JANE SEYMOUR, ACTOR: Let's see how you do with somebody your own age.

OWEN WILSON, ACTOR: I think I'm up to the challenge. All right. Will you save me a dance for later?



So how long you and the secretary been married?

SEYMOUR: Thirty years next April.

WILSON: That's beautiful.

SEYMOUR: Only faithful for two of them. Enjoy the party.


KING: You lusty woman you. (LAUGHTER)

KING: That was a wild scene. What do you make of this? Are you surprised?

SEYMOUR: I'm really saddened by it. I knew that he had an ongoing issue but I didn't know it was this serious. And I'm really sad, but I'm hoping that this will be the thing that turns it all around.

KING: Did any of the depression issue emerge while working?

SEYMOUR: No, absolutely not. He was absolutely divine. I mean, the funniest guy on the planet, the nicest guy. And I mean, completely sober when I worked with him.

KING: All right. Jennie, why are you "Dancing with the Stars"?

JENNIE GARTH, ACTOR: I have no idea.

KING: You don't know why you took this?

GARTH: No, I'm joking. It's a really fun show. It's one of my favorite shows to watch with my family. So I'm just so excited to get to learn how to dance with a professional dance partner.

KING: Are you a dancer?

GARTH: No. I danced when I was younger, I think the same as Jane, the typical ballet, tap, jazz sort of stuff. But nothing serious, definitely nothing professional.

KING: Are you a little -- not frightened, but apprehensive about the competitive nature of this?

GARTH: No, frightened might be the right word. It's really serious, it's very competitive. I haven't even seen really that aspect, that side of it yet, but it's really challenging. It's physically and emotionally and psychically challenging. It is a big undertaking.

KING: Marie, why did you take it?

MARIE OSMOND, SINGER & TALK SHOW HOST: Well, I figure, you know, at mid-life crisis, there are worse things I could take up as a hobby. So, you know what, honestly, it just was so much fun to go in there. I went in for the interview, and I love a good challenge, Larry. You know that. I mean, I have -- I guess it's an Osmond thing, I don't know.

But I have done so many different kinds of things. Never dancing. And so it just seemed like it would be a lot of fun. I was in getting some shoes today and a lady came up to me who was like, I'd say around 50ish, and she said, you know, you're a single mom. You're single now. She said, I think it's great because you tell it all. I made a statement on the news -- the local news here, that, you know, just because you're in your mid-life doesn't mean you stop life, you know? And I said, so you know, all you single moms out there, get out and go dancing and have fun and whatever. And so I'm doing it for all the single ladies out there.

KING: We'll ask Jane Seymour why she took it after the break. But first, let's check in with Soledad O'Brien in New York. She is going to host "AC 360" at the top of the hour.


You know, you don't have to wait until the season premiere to cast your first vote for one of the "Dancing" stars. You can do it now on our Web page, a quick vote at Vote for your favorite.

Now get this. Right now Marie Osmond is in the lead. But there is still time to vote for your favorite dancing celebrity, We'll see how Jane takes that. We'll be right back.


KING: We're with the newest contestants of "Dancing with the Stars," and easy to say the prettiest. Is it true you didn't want to do it, Jane?

SEYMOUR: Oh, God, I turned it down so many times. I had so many reasons not to do it.

KING: Like?

SEYMOUR: Like -- oh, gosh. Well, the back surgery I had four years ago. You know, I have lower back problems, issues. I'm not a dancer. I haven't taken a ballet class since was 16 and I quit then because I had knee problems. And then, you know, to top it off, my mom is very ill. She's in England.

She had a stroke in January and she can't really talk or move, and I wasn't really comfortable with the idea of not being able to go back and see her.

KING: Why did you finally do it? SEYMOUR: Because it's my mother's favorite show ever and we put the phone next to her ear in England, and I said, mom, I've been asked to do this. And she hadn't spoken and she couldn't really talk and she had stopped sort of eating and drinking pretty much and she went, what, what, what, what? Which is the best she could do for talking.

And my sister said, oh my God, mommy, what's happening? Mom is really excited. What did you say? And I told her. And then I said, well, I hope you'll be proud of me, mommy. I'm going to do this for you, and she said, yes. And that was it. That just put me away. I went, OK. That's all right.

KING: You've been dancing already, Jennie, with your partner?

GARTH: Yes, yes. I have a new partner to the show -- a new dancer to the show this year, and he is wonderful. His name is Derek Hough. He...

KING: And how often do you work?

GARTH: We have been training three hours a day every day.

KING: And that's just training, right?

GARTH: That's just the beginning. We haven't even started on the routine. That's just trying to get me to loosen up my hips.

KING: Does he lead well?

GARTH: He's wonderful.

KING: Have you been training, Marie?

OSMOND: Yes. I want to know how long they've been training because I started today.


KING: They got a head start. They got a week, right?

GARTH: We started Monday.

SEYMOUR: Yes. I started Monday as well.

OSMOND: You did? Oh, man.

SEYMOUR: And now I get four days off.


OSMOND: I think it's because I'm in Utah. Would that be the reason?


GARTH: Maybe. KING: That could be it.

OSMOND: By the way, I want you to know -- i want you to know, Jane, that, first of all, you know that a woman hasn't won this show since it started five years ago. This is the fifth season, right? Yes. And so I think it's really cool that a woman should win this year. But I want you to know that with all the votes, Donnie is going to vote for you.


OSMOND: Because you know he loves you.

SEYMOUR: I was wondering about how he was going to split that vote. Well, I love him, too.

OSMOND: Oh, trust me, there will be no split. It's all going to you, babe.

SEYMOUR: I love you, so I would want to vote for you, too.

KING: Did they send your male dancer to Provo, Marie?

OSMOND: Yes, we met yesterday. And he's wonderful. It's Jonathan Roberts, who is fantastic. I am so excited to have him. But, yes, he -- we did the first day where he said, you know, kick, let me see what you can do because, honestly, you know, we had dancers around us and we fudged. And so today was the first day for the routine and he said, OK, we'll start with you put your left hand in, you put -- no, I'm kidding. It was so bad. Terrible.


KING: How are you doing, Jane, so far?

SEYMOUR: Well, I'm dancing with this amazing dancer, Tony...

KING: Tony!

SEYMOUR: Yes, Tony! I got Tony. And I told Tony, I said, OK, Tony, here's the issue. I've got this, I've got this, I've got this, I've got this. I said, but I have absolute heart. I want to do this. I want to do this for fun. This is just -- is my gift to me that I'm doing this. And I said I'm really going to work hard but I have to tell you, those British hips, you know, and moving them around, that samba thing, I mean, it's like, all night I'm in bed, I'm trying to move those hips. It's insane.

KING: What's your guy's name, Jennie?

GARTH: Derek Hough.

KING: Derek?

GARTH: Derek.

KING: Derek, Tony and Jon, right?



KING: How good is Derek?

GARTH: He's pretty good. I don't know, and he's very young. He's 22.

KING: Oh, robbing the cradle.


SEYMOUR: I have a grownup. Mine's 35. But, you know, I was worried. I thought, you know, if they put me with a 17-year-old guy, I'd be in a lot of trouble, wouldn't I?

KING: Who are you worried the most about in the competition, Jennie?

GARTH: I don't know. I think that Wayne Newton has an amazing fan base and people are going to love just seeing him.

KING: And he dances, right?

GARTH: Oh, yes. He has got some moves.

SEYMOUR: Well, I think, of course present company, I mean -- but I'd be happy if we all won. I think Melanie is supposed to be a really good dancer and she happens to have a huge fan base.

KING: (INAUDIBLE) she comes in ahead then.

SEYMOUR: Well, I would think so.

KING: If she has been a dancer.

GARTH: She has got a lot of experience, yes.

KING: Yes. A lot of experience.

GARTH: How do you feel about being in the lead so far in the vote? Marie, you're in the lead.

OSMOND: Well, I'm going to vote for the Abercrombie & -- I'm in the lead?


KING: Yes, you didn't hear that? We've started out a little test vote here. You're in the lead.

(Author's note- Not if Jane's fanbase had known about this interview!)


SEYMOUR: You're going to win, Marie. Because you're the most lovable person in America.

OSMOND: No, it's only because they're all family members that voted.


KING: That's funny.

SEYMOUR: I should have more than six children, then. You won that.


KING: OK. We're going to take a break and come back.

OSMOND: Yes, but all my kids are voting for Jennie, so there.


KING: We'll be back with our remaining moments. And by the way, that's amazing that they said Jon the dancer up to Provo because in Provo they dance until 6:30, 7:00 at night. We'll be right back.


KING: OK. Here are the up-to-the-minute results of our "LARRY KING LIVE" quick vote, of all 12 dancers on the season of "Dancing with the Stars." Here is how they stack up. Marie is first with 24 percent, Jane is second with 18 percent, Jennie Garth is third with 14 percent; and they lead everybody else. Comment?

SEYMOUR: I think it helps to be on "LARRY KING."

KING: Comment?


OSMOND: Hey, I've got it. Hey, ladies -- yes, I know, ladies, let's the three of us dance together.

GARTH: Together.

SEYMOUR: There you go.

GARTH: Yes, and we'll win for the women.

OSMOND: Absolutely.

KING: What do you make of sports team owner Mark Cuban?

SEYMOUR: I think it's very exciting. I think anything that brings more people in to watching the show is great. I mean, you know, my husband, James Keach, I mean, he's totally a sports addict, and he watches this when he sees the sports people there. In fact, he's most excited about Mark Cuban.

KING: How do you think Wayne Newton will do, Marie?

OSMOND: Well, he's Mr. Entertainer. I mean, you know, he has been around for -- he'll -- what his feet won't do, boy, I'll tell you, his face will do.


KING: That's right.

OSMOND: Because he is amazing. He is, you know, a pro all the way.

KING: And his hips, who do you fear the most, Jennie, is it Melanie? By fear, I mean, you know.

GARTH: Right. I think that she is probably very experienced, performing in front of a lot of people and she is probably a great dancer. So I would say Scary Spice.

KING: When was the last time you went out dancing?

SEYMOUR: Oh, my gosh. With my daughters, with my kids.

KING: Dance with your kids?

SEYMOUR: Well, you know, I went to a club, to the Cabana Club (ph) here in L.A. And I realized that everyone was about a third of my age and then I left quickly.

KING: Jennie, when did you go dancing?

GARTH: You know what, my husband and I love to dance. We go out dancing sometimes.

KING: You do?

GARTH: Yes, we like to try to stay young even though we have three kids. So we've danced recently.

KING: Marie, didn't you dance with the Osmonds on stage?

OSMOND: Well, you can't call that dancing.


KING: What is it?

OSMOND: It's called moving very slowly. No, I mean, I know how to fake stuff. Well, it's probably that '70s stuff that really required pointing your finger a lot.


OSMOND: I don't know. I can't see.

KING: Well, you're dancing. SEYMOUR: You're clicking your fingers.

KING: You're clicking your fingers and you're moving. And...


GARTH: You look good.

OSMOND: No, no. You have to realize that was, what, 30 years ago?

KING: Well, good luck to all of you, Jane Seymour, Jennie Garth, and Marie Osmond, three of the 12 new contestants on "Dancing with Stars," which goes on the air, when?

SEYMOUR: September 24th.

KING: We'll see them all then.

(partial transcript courtesy of CNN and Larry King Live)

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