The DQ Times Magazine was founded by Pam Hughes (who also organized Jane Seymour Star Week and 2 DQ Times Cast Fan Reunions) The magazine, completely non profit and fan funded, was created to honor the cast and production of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and to keep the "Spirit of Quinn" alive for both cast and fans.

A staff of ten individuals from across the USA and Canada selected by Pam Hughes, worked together to conduct in-depth interviews, research historical articles, cover Cast productions (plays, art shows etc) to create this 'tribute" to the actors and members of the Dr. Quinn Production team who gave to the world a gift that will live on in the hearts of millions all over the world.

In addition to 8 quality issues the DQ Times also hosted 2 Dr. Quinn cast/ Fan reunion dinners in 2002 and 2004. REUNIONS

The final 'eighth' issue of the DQ Times Magazine was sent out in the Spring of 2005.

Back issues will soon be available- see JOIN US for details on how to order.

Currently in it's second year (in it's present form) The DQ Times website is steadily growing as it continues to provide up to date news on the cast of Dr.Quinn via individual cast/ alumni pages (special multi media features, articles. video clips) and to facilitate an ongoing connection between the cast and the fans.

Our Website Staff

Pam Hughes- DQ Times Editor and Founder

Mary Ann Marino-DQ Times Webmaster (design and administrator)

Chris Beckwith- Technical advisor

Penny Loefler- Website research

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