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Birthday, October 2
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Larry Sellers
Larry Sellers was featured in the fourth issue of the DQ Times:
Larry Sellers News

Larry Sellers Acting Coach

Now you can take acting lessons from Larry

Fifth Annual Intertribal Osage River Pow Wow - Read Article

Larry Sellers in Rolla

“I guess you could say I literally fell into the business,” Sellers said.
Read more

Larry Sellers appears at Millington Powwow
Read Article

Larry Sellers Speaks to the Inner Indian
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Larry Sellers audio Interview

What wouldn't Larry Sellers tell Pat Brown when she interviewed him on the set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman?
Listen for yourself

Larry Sellers- Comedian?? Here is your chance to see and entirely DIFFERENT Larry (aka Cloud Dancing)

Remember when Cloud Dancing stole those bases in ' Traveling All Stars' ? It was obvious Larry had a flair for comedy even then. Well Larry has taken his comedic talent to a whole new arena and he is inviting his Dr. Quinn fans to Check it out!

Of Earth and Elders

Larry is one of many native americans featured in
Of Earth and Elders
a new book which contains in-depth interviews with Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Dances with Wolves, The Doors, The X-Files), and Steve Reevis (Last of the Dogmen, Dances with Wolves, Fargo, Geronimo). The book features stories of those who are both with and without celebrity, living on and off reservations today. These historical, spiritual, and contemporary reflections, comments, songs, and poetry from Native Americans approaching the twenty-first century are complemented by Serle Chapman's beautiful photography and thoughtful narrative. This book is a strong visual and written testament to the strength, tenacity, and wisdom of America's native peoples. Buy the book

Larry Sellers on Spiritual Matters

"Unfortunately today we have a lot of people who are identified as phoney Medicine men and Medicine Women, and it's for economic gain and self agrandizement. I run into people all the time who tell me 'Hey, I'm a sweatlodge leader'. Yeah, but do you pray while you're in there, or is the important thing that you're leading a sweat?

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