The following day DQ Times members gathered one more time for a goodbye breakfast in the hotel. The mood was bittersweet as all knew that their time together, at least for now, had come to an end. Friendships had been renewed and new ones begun and their was an almost desperate tone to the chatter as if everyone were trying to say all that needed to be said in the short time that remained.

DQ Times member Rose Ross led everyone in a short prayer thanking God for bringing everyone together and for the gift of this special weekend. Afterward, Pam Hughes suggested that as many at the table had not attended the beach party, that now might be a good time to learn a bit about one another. So in between bites of breakfast, everyone shared a bit of themselves- about their families, their hobbies, their work and how they had found their way to the Dr Quinn community.

Then, finally, it was time to leave. Between tearful goodbyes, last minute photos and promises to see each other again, one by one each person thanked Pam for a wonderful event and headed for home carrying with them memories that would last a lifetime.

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