After a year and a half of planning, the Twelfth DQ Times Anniversary Reunion Weekend had finally arrived. On Thursday, April 30, 2004, DQ Times members from all over the world began to pour into the Rennaissance Hotel in Agoura Hills, the hotel that had been designated as the "members" hotel for this special weekend. The first planned event was to be a Get Acquainted dinner. Original plans had been to have this dinner at the Hamburger Hamlet which had long ago been adopted as the official 'Dr Quinn restaurant' by fans visiting the Paramount Ranch during the filming of the series. Sadly, when Pam Hughes, editor of the DQ Times and the organizer of the events, called several weeks in advance to finalize plans for the dinner, she was told that the restaurant had been losing money for some time and had been recently closed. Undaunted, she immediately conferred with the hotel and a substitute plan was put into effect that would move the welcome dinner to the hotel restaurant. Pam immediately notified all members who had signed up for the event of the change in plans without mentioning another 'plan' that had been in the works for months.

After dinner, Pam revealed her 'surprise' by inviting everyone into a different room that had been set up earlier with the assistance of Jane Seymour's creative team, Susan Luks (Jane's art director), Debbie Bishop (director of Angel Gate who handles Jane's publishing) and Debra Pearl (Jane's personal assistant)to showcase items from Jane's collection. The special presentation, which had been planned for months, had been kept secret,given the possibility that, as with the Hamburger Hamlet, something might go wrong at the last minute.

Three tables had been set up along the walls of the room to display Jane Seymour's creations. On one wall a table displayed articles from Jane's 'This One and That One" collection' :dolls, toys, and books, 'another table contained items from Jane's home design collection: candles, bedding, dolls etc. and against a third wall, flanked by Susan Luks, Jane's art director was a table holding a catalogue of Jane's artwork and some easels that had been set up to display a sample of Jane's posters.

Debbie Bishop, Susan Luks and Debra Pearl Jane's art posters on display Cheri Ingle holds an 1800s doll from Jane's collection

As members took their seats at the tables scattered around the room, Cheri Ingle, (former costume designer for Dr. Quinn) who now works with Jane on her clothing and home designs, gave a brief introduction, prefacing her remarks by explaining that Jane herself had hoped to be there that night, but had been held up at Chicago O' Hare airport. Surprise mingled with sighs of disappointment greeted this announcment. This too, had been part of the 'surprise' as the tentative plan for the evening had been for Jane to walk in suddenly (ala President Bush greeting the troops in Iraq!) with no warning. It had been agreed that nothing would be mentioned so as not to disappoint anyone, as her appearance would depend completely on her schedule. Cheri went on to announce that in lieu of her personal appearance, Jane had arranged a 'gift' for those in attendance- All items on display that night were to be offered at a special discount. Many of those in attendance had never had the opportunity to view Jane's items in person, so this was a rare treat which all took full advantage of.

The highlight of the evening was the discovery of a painting in Jane's art catalogue, an image of Michaela and Sully from the first season which Jane had hoped to secure the rights to in time to offer it as a commerative poster for the DQ Times Twelfth Reunion Dinner. Alas, negotiations were still in effect and the painting was as yet still unavailable. Still collective oohs and aahs could be heard all through the room as each in turn got a glimpse of this treasure.

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