Finally the night of the DQ Times Cast Reunion dinner arrived. DQ staff members who had been instructed by Pam to arrive early to help with preparations, greeted each member and requested that they wait until cast photos had been taken before entering the pavillion. As the cast and their guests arrived, each in turn signed the guestbook and were asked to accompany the professional photographer to the meadow where photos were being taken for the next issue of the DQ Times. Once this had been accomplished, attendees were welcomed in and 'mingle time' officially began. For the fans attending, this was their opportunity to take photos of and with the cast - all took full advantage! Cast present were Jane Seymour, Beth Sullivan, Frank Collison (and his daughter), Helene Udy, Shawn Toovey, Jessica Bowman and Jennifer Youngs. Dr Quinn fan favorite Eve Brenner, who played 'Sam' in Pikes Peak had returned once again to everyone's delight, along with DQ writers Katherine Ford, Jeanne Davis, and Toni Ellis.

Jane Seymour reluctantly informed everyone that due to a last minute invitation by the head of the film studio producing, The Wedding Crashers', the film she was currently working on, that she would only be able to stay a few hours. To make up for this disappointment however, she had arranged a 'surprise'. At her request, her assistant Debra Pearl had brought the original full size painting of the Mike and Sully image that everyone had admired in her catalogue to the dinner! Despite the fantastic photo op this provided with Jane herself standing next to the painting, Jane cautioned everyone in attendance that she did not yet have the rights to distribute the image and that this was at the moment just for show. Any photos taken were to remain private and not distributed publicly. All agreed that even if she was never able to secure the rights, the painting was magnificent.

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