A poll taken after the DQTimes Tenth Anniversary Reunion weekend had indicated that the beach party had been a favorite fan event. So now two years later, DQ Times members headed once again for Zuma beach, armed with beach towels, lounge chairs (for those lucky enough to live in the area) and lunches in tow. Luckily, those who arrived first at the beach formed a circle so that 'late comers' could find them. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack! Zuma beach is quite expansive and with no 'sign' as had been available the previous time, finding the members' group proved to be no small task!

Finally settled on the sand, against a background of seagulls soaring overhead and beachballs being tossed laughingly back and forth, everyone pulled out their lunches and got down to the business of getting to know each other. At Pam's direction,a sort of round-robin was begun in which each member took a turn in telling the group a bit about who they were, where they were from, and how they came to discover the series. Even though at times it was necessary to shout to be heard over the wind, it proved to be a wonderful way to put names to faces as many members were known to each other only in 'name' from various Dr Quinn forums, i.e. message boards and lists. As always with such gatherings, meeting other fans and making new friends was the best part and by the end of the outing, everyone was just a bit more comfortable with each other and looking forward even more to the evening ahead- the Official Member's party.

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