I want to thank the people of The DQ Times for taking a lot of their time to make this possible. Thanks to Pam Hughes even if with the stress that the reunion caused her a lot of trouble, she pulled it out good. It's kind of a long review.

Thanks to Pat for hinting me and in a way pushing me to make the trip but Pat couldn't make it at the last minute. I feel so bad that you couldn't as I loved putting faces to the list e-mails. When she asked me if I was going I said: Are you out of your mind?!?! I never went anywhere, never came out of my small town and I'm a wife and mother, there's no way I'm going to "LA". But then I started to think that maybe it was a chance of a life time and that I should jump in the boat while it passed. So I did, took my courage and shoved it in my pocket because I would need a lot of it!

I'm a huge fan of Dr. Quinn but over here in Quebec I thought I was the only one crazy about it. I found that I was wrong as I spoke with people around me, I found that a lot of people knew about Dr. Quinn, young and old and they were excited for me. My husband brought me to the airport on Thursday around 7:00, he was all excited for me but I was scared to death. It didn't get better along the way. A good thing the man sitting next to me was very kind and he reassured me.

I finally landed and Carolyn was there to greet me and pick all the small pieces of my body as I was a nervous wreck. It took several minutes before I stopped shaking. Penny arrived and we were off to the hotel. Everything was fine until I started being hot, feeling bad and needed some air right away. Panick Attack!!! Great, just what I needed but Carolyn and Penny where great with me.

Back to the hotel I calmed down and came for the dinner to meet with people. I was shy but I came to sit with Karine and Claude her mother who were speaking french because they come from France. The German group was just beside us and we learned about each other. After we were invited to step into another room. Jane had graciously sent some of her staff to present her collections. I really liked the children's collection, "This one and That one" are so cute. We talked some more and I went to bed but of course I didn't sleep very well.

The next day we had breakfast and I met with more people that I knew from the list but now was able to put a faces on them. After we went to the beach, it was really windy but I got to hear who every one was. Sorry guys for my Oh! here and Oh! there, I was just catching up on who was who. That's when I realized that Pam H was sitting close to me, and Deb K, Nancy T, Sue who I finally thanked for sending me some videos. And Judy also that I had been e-mailing once in a while and didn't realize it was her. I was like a kid exclaiming.

I got back to the hotel room to get ready for our member's dinner. The food was good but I didn't eat alot. Too nervous. Dianne showed us a video on her computer and we all sat down like a bunch of schoolkids in front of the computer. I found it odd and warming that I was sitting there with people that loved and were as crazy as I was in front of Mike and Sully. It was good to know that all the persons sitting next to me were also glued to the images in front of us and were feeling the same thrill.

I don't know how it happened but at the end of the night I ended up with the DQ Times staff and we went for ice cream at 12:30 am. I had a great time and they didn't make me feel like an outsider, on the contrary they accepted me very well to my surprise, because I usually am very shy and tend to retreat to my shell but I didn't want to miss anything. Pam was done with her ice cream in a few seconds and I was at about my third lick. lol

When I went to bed this time I did sleep better. And the next day we were off to Huntington garden. There too we had a good time but it was hot. We had a picture of our group taken in front of Jane's painting but silly me I had my camera in my hand but didn't give it to anyone to take a picture. Dah! We waited for Jane but she called her assistant to say that she didn't feel good and had a sore throat and that she wanted to rest for the Cast dinner party. So we told her to rest and wished her well.

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