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Åugust 2007- Jane Goes Dancing with the Stars- Check out all the latest on Jane's participation in one of the highest rated shows on television here
January 2007 - May 2007
Don't Lose Sight- Total Health
Jane Does it all with Style
It's going to be a busy Mother's Day tomorrow at Jane Seymour's house.
New York Art Expo Jane Seymour was a most welcome addition to the New York Art Expo this year, We have some photo highlights from the show including her meeting with a rather 'unusual' attendee this year!- Check it out

Jane at the Great Indoors

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Find Your Inner Seymour
Finding one’s inner style is what home decor is all about. new
New Home Design Line- and Contest
While announcing her new home design line which can be found on her new website janeseymourhome.com, Jane also announced her sponsorship of a very special Child Help contest.- read more
Rosie Millard gets a personal tour of St. Catherine's Court by Jane-
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Start Walking
Jane works with American Heart Association
to launch wellness program.
December 2006
Jane Seymour hosts Unite of Stars - SA
concert for Hunger- Nov 3-11
Jane Seymour featured speaker
Washington DC- Women in Arts
November 2006
Protest at Malibu
October 2006
Jane Seymour - Baby Boomer
monster.com. Watch video (courtesy of bostonchannel.com)  More Video
September 2006
Jane Seymour is dedicated to inspiring a generation of boomers and seniors to live the biggest life possible. Read more
Jane Seymour attends fundraiser for City Hearts - Say Yes to Kids
August 2006
Jane Seymour plays a female president in the Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell More  Watch the trailer WITH Jane!  
Jane Seymore restores villa to the tune of $14.9 million dollars. - Read more
July 2006
Franchise Concepts, Inc.announces award-winning actress Jane Seymour, as spokeswoman for The Creative Self-Expression Foundation. More
"I am very excited to help RBFF because I really believe that fishing is an excellent way for families to spend time together. Read More
June 2006
June 10- in Santa Rosa, Jane Seymour & James Keach will accept a post humous award for the late actor Christopher Reeve at the 30th anniversary gala of CRI- Read More
On modern men Jane Seymour counsels 3 love challenged guys but what sort of relationship advice does she give in her own life? - Jane on Dating

Check out our feature coverage of Modern Men
See our Wedding Crashers Feature with all new clips from the film

Order your Wedding Crashers DVD Now
Actress Jane Seymour was seeing red Friday, and she couldn’t be happier. Read More
"I don't know who was more embarrassed -- him or me," she says. "And then I think we just decided it was like the doctor's office. Close your eyes and think of England. It was very funny.
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Walk the Line DVD now available
Buy it here!

James Keach remembers Johnny- Read article
"I have children in their 20s, and they were OK with me playing Kitty Cat," she said. "I go to clubs with my daughter, and men still flirt with me." Read more
May 2006
Jane Seymour makes the decision to give up the family pet. Jane's Savage Dog
April 2006
What was it like working with Jane Seymour on Modern men? Josh Braaten tells all
Jane Seymour's US artist to the Olymics- Commemorative Art
2006 Olympic Dove of Peace and Torino Landscape Giclee now available
March 2006
Jane Seymour in Toronto to speak about turning life's negatives into positives "I learned that life is short, and I need to spend my time with the people who really matter to me, and in doing things that can make a difference."  Read More
"I'm having more fun than I deserve at this time in life." more
February 2006
Every woman faces menopause at some time in her life, but Jane Seymour was determined to deal with her symptoms the natural way until.. Read More
"I can't paint unless I find a connection with it," she says. "I love painting flowers, but I'm keen on capturing the likeness of people. People and flowers are my favorite. I'm not into buildings. If I do paint them, a lot of flowers will be around it." - Read More
Jane Seymour Presents at the Family Film Awards- Watch the clip
January 2006
How did Walk the Line come about? Jane Seymour and James Keach share their favorite memories of Johnny and June
Walk the Line

On October 6th Jane Seymour visited Burbank, CA to talk about her art and a very special project she is inviting everyone to participate in.
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How did Jane become interested in home decorating? Home.com finds out.
November 2005
At the premiere of Walk the Line, Jane Seymour turned quite a few heads in a coat given to her by June Carter Cash
Heart healthy practices are a gift one generation passes on to another- just ask Jane Seymour, her daughter Katie, and her mother Mieke. -
Jane Seymour shares some decorating tips for your bedroom in this month's Woman's Day on stands now.
October 2005
Jane Seymour narrates Running Dry, a powerful documentary about the world water crisis. read more
September 2005
"You have to break down barriers to do it, and you have to jump off the diving board and really go for it."
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Jane Seymour appears briefly in the new indie film The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell.
President Jane?
Has a nice ring to it doesnt it?
Jane and James attended the premiere of Walk the Line at the Toronto Film Festival on September 13

August 2005
Jane Seymour blasts Cosmetic Surgery
World Traveler Magazine interviews Jane
Could any artist turn down the chance to recreate the Mona Lisa? Jane Seymour couldn't

Jane narrates Running Dry in Vegas
July 2005
What does Jane try to teach her children? Find out
So what was it like working with director David Dobken on Wedding Crashers? Would Jane do another Dr. Quinn movie ? Find out
What inspires Jane? "I am inspired by so many different things," Seymour said. "...places I'm at, where I'm filming, flowers and my home. Read More
USA Today shares 5 things you don't know about Jane Seymour
At her recent art show in Michigan, Jane unveiled a beautiful new poster based on her original print the Grand Allee. There are a limited number of these posters still available. Find out more
2004- 2005
When Jane Seymour arrived at the Parisien recently to introduce her new Grand Hotel collection, she arrived "not with a bang but like a gentle breeze" Read More
Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of and Jane Seymour has the perfect outfit for your little princess this spring in her new girl's collection. Read more
Kris and John surprised mommy, Jane, in a way she couldn't have imagined at the opening of her new art gallery. Read More
Jane is headed for an image change on the big screen in the Wedding Crashers coming in July Read More

TV Guide readers are still asking questions about Jane Seymour.Read More
TV Guide Insider
TV Guide asks more about Genevieve

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of and Jane Seymour has the perfect outfit for your little princess this spring in her new girl's collection. Read more
Jane opens her own heart to the forgotten children of the world Read More

City Hearts celebrates 20th anniversary

Jane has rejoined the American Red Cross Celebrity cabinet for a 4th year. Read More.

The recent City Hearts Truffles dinner hosted by Jane Seymour raised a record amount for at risk kids. Read More
When Stars' Treks Boldly Go Wrong    
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Jane Seymour betting on Family Film
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In Town
Jane Seymour makes time for SVU

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Jane Seymour Natural Remedies
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Interview from Indian Television
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Jane Seymour and James Keach will never stop loving Johnny and June   Read More
See how one designer decorated his client's home in "Jane Seymour"
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Jane Seymour talks about her art, style, clothing and design Oh, I've worn so many centuries!
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Jane Seymour: Steel Magnolia? Read More
Jane and James and Dianne Odell
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What are Jane's favorite things?  Find out!

Jane Seymour adds to Collection Read more

Jane joins campaign to promote pistachios read more
Dame Edna Experience.
BBC video will release the first set in the Dame Edna collection: The first collection of 2 DVDS includes interview with.. Jane Seymour,

Jane and James receive Angel Award Read More

Jane Seymour takes part in Draw - In Read More
Jane's Butler Art Exhibition
Trying to get Jane's attention isn't easy sometimes! Read More
Jane's animated film the Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree is available through QVC. Order it here
Jane paid tribute to Christopher Reeve on Saturday when she visited the Tri State. Read more
Jane introduces new CollectionWho knows better than Jane Seymour the recipe for romance? Read More
Once again Jane and James have reached out to Diane Odell - this time to bring her Christmas.
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- Holiday Concert a success
Though the appearance this is referencing is past, the article is more about Jane herself
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Jane Seymour's inspiring semi autobiographical book is now available in paperback. Order Remarkable Changes
Jane recently visited North Carolina with a message for parents- Read On
Click to watch an interview with Jane wx112

Jane manned the phones at the recently televised Tsunami Telethon
Yes that's Brad Pitt beside her!
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One hundred guests enjoyed champagne and gourmet hors d'oeuvres at a reception at the von Leipzig art center recently with Jane Seymour- Read More
Jane is one of 10 people featured in the Jan- Feb. issue of AARP as one of this year's 10 honorees - Read more
Jane was among the top vote getters in a recent poll conducted for Good Housekeeping of the sexiest woman of their generation. Read More
Jane became an American Citizen on February 11, 2005- Read More
Is she still a Brit?
Message from James Keach regarding Jane's US citizenship
Jane is headed for an image change on the big screen in the Wedding Crashers coming in July Read More
Jane Seymour speaks at Florida Fundraiser  Read more
Jane Seymour sees inspiration for Dr Quinn's Colorado Springs Read more
Jane in Naperville Read More about Jane's visit to Naperville
Jane Seymour's Transatlantic Voyage for Electrolux   Read more
Dr Quinn script auction to help Port Huron agency. Read More
Jane will be one of 80 artists taking part in the Hollywood Bowl Spere Art Project which will have its unveiling on June 26th.Read More
ActDiem Tours with Jane Seymour Read More
Jane Seymour doesn't need to act anymore. Read More
My Life with Jane Seymour
I make a concentrated effort not to write about celebrities or about events to which most of us will never be invited. However, I need to make an exception this week Read More
Dr Quinn actress greets fans of her art  Read More
Seymour : Fans Want more Quinn CBS Doesn't Read Article
Jane Semour visits Bath Read More
Jane Seymour: Quintessential English Rose Read Article
OK, so you won't be starring in a TV miniseries or brushing your long,perfect tresses or pruning the shrubs outside your 14th century manor house - at least not any time soon To the Manor Born
Seymour Lives Life at Full Speed Read More
Actress's Furniture Line is a hit at Proffits Read More
Home is her Castle
Jane Seymour feels right at home in her latest role
...Read More
What do Harry Potter and Jane Seymour have in common?   Find out!